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AI made to help cryptocurrency investors



Business services
Token : DAN
Price : 1 DAN = 0.25 EUR
Platform : Ethereum
Accepting : ETH
Country : Estonia

Daneel is your future partner: he will help you daily to process all information related to cryptocurrencies. Daneel will answer your questions, advise you in your investments, and push you notification when an important event happens. With Daneel, we will provide you the most accurate and fastest information on the market. We are the only ones to analyze as much content, newsfeeds, and social networks. Our goal is to offer you a reliable and indispensable assistant to assist you in the cryptocurrency jungle.

About Daneel

Daneel purpose is to bring data intelligence into the crypto jungle.

“Get the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, and market emotions analyses. By using our AI based on IBM Watson, be assisted in your daily investment decisions making.”

Daneel Assistant provides unchallenged news curation and market emotions analyses through an A.I. assistant which understand natural language, powered by the reference of the market in the fields of natural language and emotion analysis: Watson, designed by IBM (IBM PartnerWorld international contract number: C5C955F4F18F5A56). Daneel will be available on a mobile and a desktop version where the crypto-investors could aggregate and manage all of their wallets safely.

  • Pre-ICO: 4 – 8 December / 200 000 DAN Sale used for Marketing & Showcase
  • ICO Start: 29th January 2018 ICO Ending: 5th March 2018
  • Hard Cap : 60 000 000 Millions DAN
  • Token sale : 60 000 000 during the ICO;
  • 0.25€/DAN Token (0.29$); 20% BONUS for the Whitelist, then decreasing bonus.
Quarter 3, 2017

Recruitment of new team members
Framing of strategic and technical issues
Prototype development

Quarter 4, 2017

Preparation and launch of the ICO phase
Definition of the legal framework
Beginning of IBM partnership

Quarter 1, 2018

Distribution of DAN tokens
Discussion with exchange platforms
Launch of a recruitment campaign to complete the team
Administrative and financial structuring of the company
Further development of the community and establishment of new partnerships
Participation in different events relating to artificial intelligence

Quarter 2, 2018

Continuation of the recruitment campaign
Launch of work on the reliability of data sources
Launch of the development of the automated system for harvesting and analyzing information
Opening subscriptions
Defining the UI / UX user experience of the application
Continuous updates on Daneel’s progress

Quarter 3, 2018

Development of conversational intelligence
API development
Realization of the ergonomic works and visualization of the portfolio
Completion of ecosystem security audits
Launch of the application’s beta test phase

Quarter 4, 2018

Development of “confidence score” services, comprehensive reports, and analyses of market emotion
Development of fast actions: placing orders in one click, sending funds, ...
Submitting the iOS and Android app on the respective stores
Integration of services on the web platform (desktop version)

Quarter 1, 2019

Improvement of the conversational intelligence system
Big data analysis of harvested data and user requests, in order to improve the conversational intelligence system
Analysis of the impact of news and market sentiment
Development of predictive functionalities

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